The Secret Garden - Freedman Claire

The Secret Garden

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Autor: Freedman Claire

Wydawnictwo: Penguide Books
ISBN: 9780241392782
EAN: 9780241392782
Format: 285 x 230 x 5
Oprawa: Miękka
Stron: ...
Data wydania: 2020
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Rediscover the magical story of Mary Lennox, who arrives in the wild and windswept Yorkshire a sickly and miserable girl - until she discovers a forgotten, Secret Garden.

As Mary works hard to bring the garden back to life, its magic begins to work on her too . . .

This classic and beloved story has been beautifully retold by Claire Freedman and brought to glorious visual life by new illustration talent Shaw Davidson

Książka "The Secret Garden"
Freedman Claire