The Phoenix and the Carpet - Nesbit E.

The Phoenix and the Carpet

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Autor: Nesbit E.

Wydawnictwo: Wordsworth
ISBN: 9781853261558
EAN: 9781853261558
Format: 195 x 125 x 15
Oprawa: Miękka
Stron: ...
Data wydania: 2019
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The Phoenix and the Carpet is E. Nesbit's second fantasy novel and is the sequel to Five Children and It.

From Robert, Anthea, Jane and Cyril's new nursery carpet there falls a mysterious egg which is hatched in the fire to reveal a benevolent, resourceful and ingenious Phoenix who explains that the carpet is possessed of magic qualities.

And so begins a series of fantastic and bizarre adventures as the carpet transports the children and the Phoenix to places as diverse as a chilling French castle, a desert island and even the Phoenix Fire Insurance Company's offices, which the Phoenix believes to be a shrine for his followers.

Książka "The Phoenix and the Carpet"
Nesbit E.