The Naked Eye - Charles Saatchi

The Naked Eye

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Autor: Charles Saatchi

Wydawnictwo: Booth Clibborn Editions
ISBN: 9781861543400
Format: ...
Oprawa: miękka
Stron: 252
Data wydania: 2013-12-01
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An exploration of visual phenomena, The Naked Eye is a treasure trove of unusual images from across the world, all the more extraordinary for being real, all the more fascinating for existing without computer manipulation. Some images are the works of artists and visionary architects, some showcase incredible natural phenomena, and others are incredible images snapped by chance at the perfect moment. Among these are an elephant balancing on his trunk, a dancing tree, an office building created to look like a gigantic shopping basket, and a man walking calmly up a palm tree. Alongside these startling images are stories, facts, and hidden histories, written in Saatchi's entertaining pithy style.

Książka "The Naked Eye"
Charles Saatchi