The Gamification of Higher Education - Neil B. Niman

The Gamification of Higher Education

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Autor: Neil B. Niman

Wydawnictwo: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9781137338730
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Oprawa: twarda
Stron: 240
Data wydania: 2014-07-01
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If we could design an educational experience where learning was a part of personal growth and development, would we create empowered individuals who would be better positioned to make a contribution upon their entry into the real world? Gamification has the potential to do just that. Instead of thinking about education as the mastery of a body of knowledge where the subject matter becomes the focus of our attention, The Gamification of Higher Education encourages us to think of it as a process that draws out the best in individuals and prepares them for happy, productive, and successful lives. Niman reveals how the power of games can be used to create an entirely new population of super-empowered individuals who are better positioned to acquire the skills they need to remain relevant in an ever-changing economy. "Blending business strategy and game design principles, Niman offers a fresh perspective that looks at how traditional universities must change in order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment. Rather than abandoning the residential college experience, he uses gamification to map out a strategy that will enable brick and mortar institutions to compete against the growing wave of online offerings." - Mark W. Huddleston, President, University of New Hampshire, USA "You're likely to find Niman's remedy for the current problems facing the higher education industry both provocative and enticing. As voices grow louder questioning the viability of the traditional system, he shows how game design can be used to fashion a thoughtful solution. By rethinking the entire academic experience, he seeks to engage students and professors in a world of co-creation and value optimization." - Kevin Bell, Executive Director of Curriculum Development and Deployment, College of Professional Studies, Northeastern University, USA.

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Neil B. Niman