Jimi Hendrix: Made in England - Brian Southall

Jimi Hendrix: Made in England

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Autor: Brian Southall

Wydawnictwo: Hodder
ISBN: 9781905959419
Format: ...
Oprawa: miękka
Stron: 196
Data wydania: 2012-09-01
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The book reveals for the first time the true story of Hendrix' discovery in the US, his arrival in 'swinging' London and his acceptance of (and by)the British and the London music establishment. Packed with new interviews Brian Southall weaves a narrative that brings the period to life and charts his success in England that acted as a springboard for him to return to the US for Monterey and superstardom.

Książka "Jimi Hendrix: Made in England"
Brian Southall