Four Past Midnight - Stephen King

Four Past Midnight

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Autor: Stephen King

Wydawnictwo: Hodder
ISBN: 9781444723595
Format: ...
Oprawa: miękka
Stron: 1008
Data wydania: 2012-06-01
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At midnight comes the point of balance. Of danger. The instant of utter stillness when between two beats of the heart, an alternative reality can slip through, like a blade between the ribs, and switch you into a new and terrifying world. FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT: four heart-stopping accounts of that moment when the familiar world fractures beyond sense, the fragments spinning away from the desperate, clutching reach of sanity ... An incredibly gifted writer, whose writing, like Truman Capote's, is so fluid that you often forget that you're reading Guardian A writer of excellence...King is one of the most fertile storytellers of the modern novel...brilliantly done The Sunday Times Splendid entertainment...Stephen King is one of those natural storytellers...getting hooked is easy Frances Fyfield, Express.

Książka "Four Past Midnight"
Stephen King