Carrie - Stephen King


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Autor: Stephen King

Wydawnictwo: Hodder
ISBN: 9781444720693
Format: ...
Oprawa: miękka
Stron: 272
Data wydania: 2011-09-01
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An exciting reissue of Stephen King's debut novel about an outcast teenager with a frightening power which put him on the map and set him on his journey as a household name. Carrie White is no ordinary girl. Carrie White has the gift of telekinesis. To be invited to Prom Night by Tommy Ross is a dream come true for Carrie - the first step towards social acceptance by her high school colleagues. But events will take a decidedly macabre turn on that horrifying and endless night as she is forced to exercise her terrible gift on the town that mocks and loathes her ... [A] genius for storytelling Daily Mirror One of the few horror writers who can truly make the flesh creep Sunday Express.

Książka "Carrie"
Stephen King